How many hamburgers have been eaten by an American in a Week?


When was Mcdonald’s introduced big Mac?


What is the name of the most expensive Hamburger?


When was it created?


Who holds the record for eating big daddy’s hamburger wagging of 4KG?

Sonya Thomas

Nearly what percentage of sandwiches has sold are Hamburgers?


How much burger has been consumed by the Americans?

Approximately 50 Billion

Where was first the largest hamburger had made?

Minnesota Casino set

Who invented the hamburger?

Louis Lassen

When was the Hamburger had released?


Where you can find the most expensive Hamburger in the World?

Fleur de Lys

Mcdonald’s sells how many hamburgers every second?


The word “hamburger” originated from where?


What is the meaning of “Berg” from the word Hamburger?


What. Is it the oldest burger chain in America?

White Castle

McDonald’s originally was a which kind of company?

Real estate Company

Who was the founder of Mcdonald’s?

Richard James McDonald

When Microsoft promoted Windows 7 in Japan partnering with Burger King?


Which country government forced McDonald’s to sell big mac at a low price?


In between which time periods which burger company paid to rappers to use Big Mac in their songs?


What was the name of the meat scent burger king released in 2008?


What is the name of the restaurant in the United States serves Kangaroo burger?

Twisted Root Burger Co

What is the name of the boxer who refused to eat hamburgers and said “we don’t serve negro?

Muhammad Ali

In 2001, Who claimed that he created the Hamburger?

Kim Jong Li

What was the name that United States Government tried to rename hamburgers?

Liberty Sandwich

Who said burger king saved his life from drug addiction?

Robert Downey Jr.

What was the name of the restaurant in 1968 received a lawsuit against the giant fast-food chain of the same name

Burger King?

What is Burger King being called in Australia?

“Hungry Jack’s”

What had two named as what?

aristocrat and Blue Ribbon Burger

What was the name of the Hamburger that Mcdonald’s introduced in 1996?

Arch Deluxe

Meat from how many caws in a Fast food burger?

10 Cows

Japanese sells a special kind of burger is called what?

Big America