Which bank in India gives cashback by deposit of cash?

Paytm Payment Bank

What is the name of the person in Indian Owns Pizza Hut, Creambell, and costa coffee?

Ravi Jaipuria

Hindistan is selling Lipton Ice tea in India in Association with which company?


Which company owns Maha Lacto and Eclairs?


The car named “Baleno” was designed by which company?


Which automobiles company running the slogan that “Drive your Way”?


What was the name of the Industiliast of Bhusan Steels who has been arrested for the first time on the basis of a crime investigated by SFIO?

Neeraj Singhal

What is the name of the TV brand has a slogan that Vison of Sound?


Who has selected ISRO to head the Human flight program?

Mrs. V.R.Lalithambika

What is the name of the News Paper has a motto that is Journalism of Courage?

The Indian Express

What is the name of the Company that Ananta Bajaj Associates with?

Bajaj Electronics

What is the name of the cooperative bank in Pune that had cyber theft of over 90 cr rupees?

Cosmos Bank

What was the name of the first businessman who found the cover story of Forbes Magazine?

Azim Hasham Premji

The first time which company has launched the world’s first automated opening handsets?


The cricketer Ragul Dravid associated the advertising campion with a bank named what?

Bank of Baroda

Who is the founder of city bank?

Mike McNamara

Which company has first launched the “Citizen First” advertisement?


Let’s your heart fly is the slogan of Which airline company?

Air India

What are the Three Places in India Selected for ‘water aerodromes’?

Lake Chilika, Sabarbati River and Sardar Sarobar