A single pound of chocolate needs how many beans to make?

400 Beans

When does international chocolate day fall?

September 13th

How many cacao trees can live?

200 Years

5 tons of chocolate are Enough to make how much Terry’s Chocolate Oranges?


Who has created the milk Chocolate?

Daniel Peter

Who was created Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup?

Harry Burnett Reese

Who was the founder of Hershey’s chocolate?

Milton S. Hershey

Terry produces how many chocolate orange segments per year?

350 Million

Where were the biggest chocolates have been made?

Melbourne, Australia

There are how many kinds of cacao trees are available?

2 Types

Which color’s packaged chocolate is not allowed to sell in Shanghai and Hong Kong?


Where was the 1st Cacao tree has been found?

Amazon River Basin

Which day in the UK is celebrated as the Chocolate Day of the UK?

July 7th

When did a large amount of chocolate has been stolen?


Where 1 in every 200 workers are working production and promotion of chocolates?


Brussels Airport sells how many chocolates in a year?

800 Tons

Who was taken the most valuable chocolate bar?

Captain Robert Scott’s

When was chocolate milk invented?


Who invented the German Chocolate Cake?

Sam German

Which kind of chocolates contains much “caffeine” than coca-cola?

Darker Chocolates

Do Americans consume how much weight of chocolates on Valentine’s day?

26 Million Above Kg

Which airport platform is the largest chocolate seller in the World?

Brussels Airport

The chocolate power seed “Cocoa” mostly cultivates in which continent?


When was chocolate candy invented?


The milky was named after what?

Malted Milkshakes

Why candy canes were invented?

To Keep Quite Children’s

When was some Canadian kid gone on strike to boycott the chocolate for the increase in the price of chocolate?


Which chocolates were also known as “Andy’s Candy’s?

Andes Candies

The largest chocolate bar ever made in weigh-in where?

United Kingdom

What is the most valuable chocolate bar in the World?

100 years old Cadbury Bar

Which Civilisation was using cacao seeds as a form of Currency?


What was the name of the Aztec Emperor used to drink 50 cups of chocolate in a day?

Montezuma II

What was the name of the chocolate company that financed the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”?

Quaker Oats

Who invented the first chocolate bar?

Joseph Fry

When did Joseph Fry invent the Chocolate bar?


Approximately How much money is worth by the chocolate industry in a year?

$110 Billion

Which company owns Maha Lacto and Eclairs?