Christmas dinner approximately contains how many calories of food?

7,000+ Calories

How much Turkeys has been consumed by American in Christmas?

22 Million turkeys

Does Christmas pudding was a soup?


What are the main ingredients used in Christmas Pudding?

raisins and wine

In which country do people mostly grill the food for Christmas?


What was the meaning of the term in In the 1600s?

any type of dried fruit

Which kind of coins are the traditions of Christmas?

Chocolate Coins

When was chocolate candy invented?


What is the best treatment for Christmas?

Animal Crackers

When were the animal crackers were invented?


Mince pie is originally tapped with what?

Jesus effigy

What was the main dish on the Dinner table during medieval times?


Until Which century, Turkey didn’t become a Christmas tradition in America?

19th Century

Before farmers raised poultry commercially, The families that lived off the land were eaten what for Christmas Dinner?


What were the ingredients of the Original Christmas pudding?

mutton, beef, prunes, rains, currant, spices