When was Mcdonald’s introduced big Mac?


How many cacao trees can live?

200 Years

Who holds the record for eating big daddy’s hamburger wagging of 4KG?

Sonya Thomas

A single pound of chocolate needs how many beans to make?

400 Beans

How many hamburgers have been eaten by an American in a Week?


When does international chocolate day fall?

September 13th

Who was created Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup?

Harry Burnett Reese

Nearly what percentage of sandwiches has sold are Hamburgers?


Who invented the hamburger?

Louis Lassen

When was the Hamburger had released?


Who was the founder of Hershey’s chocolate?

Milton S. Hershey

Where were the biggest chocolates have been made?

Melbourne, Australia

There are how many kinds of cacao trees are available?

2 Types

Which color’s packaged chocolate is not allowed to sell in Shanghai and Hong Kong?


The word “hamburger” originated from where?


Where was the 1st Cacao tree has been found?

Amazon River Basin

What is the meaning of “Berg” from the word Hamburger?


Which day in the UK is celebrated as the Chocolate Day of the UK?

July 7th

What. Is it the oldest burger chain in America?

White Castle

How much burger has been consumed by the Americans?

Approximately 50 Billion

Where 1 in every 200 workers are working production and promotion of chocolates?


Where was first the largest hamburger had made?

Minnesota Casino set

How much Turkeys has been consumed by American in Christmas?

22 Million turkeys

What is the natural color of Wild Salmon?


Does Christmas pudding was a soup?


What are the main ingredients used in Christmas Pudding?

raisins and wine

When was chocolate milk invented?


Who invented the German Chocolate Cake?

Sam German

Which kind of chocolates contains much “caffeine” than coca-cola?

Darker Chocolates

Which snacks are much worse for teeth than sugar?


Do Americans consume how much weight of chocolates on Valentine’s day?

26 Million Above Kg

Which airport platform is the largest chocolate seller in the World?

Brussels Airport

Who was the founder of Mcdonald’s?

Richard James McDonald

Brussels Airport sells how many chocolates in a year?

800 Tons

The chocolate power seed “Cocoa” mostly cultivates in which continent?


Christmas dinner approximately contains how many calories of food?

7,000+ Calories

When Microsoft promoted Windows 7 in Japan partnering with Burger King?


Who was taken the most valuable chocolate bar?

Captain Robert Scott’s

The milky was named after what?

Malted Milkshakes

Why candy canes were invented?

To Keep Quite Children’s

Why do crackers have holes?

Prevents Air

What is the best treatment for Christmas?

Animal Crackers

What is the name of the boxer who refused to eat hamburgers and said “we don’t serve negro?

Muhammad Ali

Which chocolates were also known as “Andy’s Candy’s?

Andes Candies

When were the animal crackers were invented?


The largest chocolate bar ever made in weigh-in where?

United Kingdom

Mince pie is originally tapped with what?

Jesus effigy

What was the name that United States Government tried to rename hamburgers?

Liberty Sandwich

What is the most valuable chocolate bar in the World?

100 years old Cadbury Bar

In which country do people mostly grill the food for Christmas?


In which year people have thought Tomato has medicinal qualities?

The 1800s

What was the meaning of the term in In the 1600s?

any type of dried fruit

Why fruit loved snacks shine?

Because of Car Wax

Which kind of coins are the traditions of Christmas?

Chocolate Coins

Which Civilisation was using cacao seeds as a form of Currency?


What was the main dish on the Dinner table during medieval times?


What is Burger King being called in Australia?

“Hungry Jack’s”

What was the name of the chocolate company that financed the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”?

Quaker Oats

What is the name of the ingredients used in “ranch” to make it look whiter?

Titanium Dioxide

Until Which century, Turkey didn’t become a Christmas tradition in America?

19th Century

What had two named as what?

aristocrat and Blue Ribbon Burger

Who invented the first chocolate bar?

Joseph Fry

When did Joseph Fry invent the Chocolate bar?


Before farmers raised poultry commercially, The families that lived off the land were eaten what for Christmas Dinner?


Meat from how many caws in a Fast food burger?

10 Cows

Japanese sells a special kind of burger is called what?

Big America

Who said burger king saved his life from drug addiction?

Robert Downey Jr.

What were the ingredients of the Original Christmas pudding?

mutton, beef, prunes, rains, currant, spices

What was the name of the restaurant in 1968 received a lawsuit against the giant fast-food chain of the same name

Burger King?

A pound cake contains how many pounds of each ingredient?

One pound

How much does the world’s most expensive pizza costs?